Lizee raises $9M in series A funding

Paris, 12 January 2023 – Lizee, the first technical and logistics solution promoting better consumption in the retail industry, announces the successful completion of its EUR 9 million series A funding round, led by Circular Innovation Fund (CIF) – a Joint Venture between European Demeter and North American Cycle Capital. Lizee’s long-term partners Alante and Ring renew their support, joined by new investors Lyra Venture and Maif Impact.

Founded in 2019, Lizee is an impact-focused technology company based in France. . From the latest Series A funding round, Lizee aims to expand into new markets, develop its technology and hire new team members. Lizee deploys reuse (second-hand and rental) business models for retailers, combining responsible consumption and profitability. With Lizee, retailers can manage rental and second-hand sales alongside their usual sales, using a data-driven technical and logistics platform that manages and optimises the product’s lifecycle.

Lizee works with major retailers to create for them a complete circular economy solution across all delivery channels and commerce models, and in support of the retail brands’ market positioning and quality standards. Current clients include: Decathlon, Petit Bateau, and Maje, among others.

As a result, with Lizee, retail companies are better equipped to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the circular economy, retaining their brand image, increasing margins, and expanding their customer base.

A view to expansion

According to the study designed by GlobeScan in 2022, Sixty-eight percent at least somewhat agree that they would be willing to reduce their consumption by half to avoid environmental damage and climate change, especially those with worried children at home (85%).

Anna Balez, CEO and co-founder of Lizee: “We are looking to halve new production in the next 15 years, and we are convinced that a local circular economy can help us reach that target. By striking the right balance between technology and new employment activities we think it will be the norm in the retail industry within 5 years.”

Stephane Villecroze, Managing Partner, Demeter Investment Managers: “We are delighted to contribute to Lizee’s expansion via the Circular Innovation Fund managed by Demeter and Cycle Capital. Anna Balez and her team are talented people. This funding gives them the means to conquer new sectors and markets, enabling major retailers to switch to reuse and the circular economy, using fewer resources and expanding profit margins.

Timothée Emery, COO and co-founder of Lizee: “We address customers’ key issues by exploring their options, and honing our offer examining potential pitfalls, anticipating all the risks associated with second-hand retail and rental.

On the strength of this co-construction, and thanks to our trial-and-error culture, drawing on the expertise and responsiveness of our teams, we were able to build a technological structure based on solid foundations and the result is a carefully crafted product offer.

This economical and ecological crisis we are facing today marks the beginning of the end for the linear economy, and a  big change for all of us. For consumers, retailers and above all, for the planet.”

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The Circular Innovation Fund (“CIF”) is a global venture capital fund focused solely on circular innovation. It is a joint venture between leading cleantech capital managers – Paris-based Demeter and Montreal-based Cycle Capital.

The fund invests in growth-stage companies from North America, Europe and Asia developing breakthrough new materials, circular packaging, recycling and waste innovations, logistics, as well as eco-efficient processes & design, and circular business models.

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